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Energy therapy is a natural method of balancing our body, mind and spirit. It is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Energy practitioners do not diagnose conditions, or prescribe or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

All therapies are meant to complement medical treatments.


Firstly, an open mind and heart is a must.

A willingness and desire to change is a must. A desire to receive more is a must. I’m here to hold your heart, not your hand.  

Come prepared for guidance, clarity and an openness to receiving the information coming in for you.  Honour your conscious incompetence – you’re consciously aware that you create your reality and your alignment or misalignment with your own inner desires. 

Are there signs coming up? Are you feeling a certain vibration or feeling? What do you want to feel after this session and in your life to come? Holding that focus will help you even more to formulate your own new choices, decisions, and outcomes and will also help us to create action steps for how you can move forward so that you know what you need to do to assist your own self in reaching that desired destination that you are so worthy of receiving.

Lastly, I ask that you please take at least 10 minutes before your session, at any point in time, and type up or record a voice note in as much detail as possible including all that is coming up for you that you’re currently seeking assistance in working through. You can either send this to me before a session or right when our session begins as it will help save time during our work together and will also give me more information to work with as I can only share and receive guidance as to what you discuss with me. 

This lies entirely up to you. I’m here to support your path by any means necessary and to give you guidance as it relates to your current situations and what’s manifesting all around you in hopes to help you realign with the life you’re so worthy of and desire.

Please keep in mind – There is NO judgment during a session and the information we discuss will never leave our session. I honour your journey, I honour your vulnerability, and I honour your willingness to desire more for yourself and for taking the action towards receiving that and I hold that sacred with you.

What I recommend… 

It’s also important to realize that I can only show up for you at the amount that you show up for you. I AM here as your equal and your mirror. Because I show up to honour your energy and not invade or cross your own personal boundaries or what you’re comfortable with, if you want to go on a deep dive, please share with me.  If this is foreign to you, It’s ok, I will ask questions and guide you along the way to help stir up specific things.

Well, I consider all humans to be psychic and clairvoyant. By natural birthright and in our purest essence we are One with all that is and walk with the utmost clarity, but most of us have shut these abilities off or have simply just stop being aware of them.

I’m not here to predict your future or how your relationship or path will go as you are the creator of that, not me. You have the power to change your course at any moment by divine free will choice so I leave your future up to you as I’m not the one who will be living in it or receiving it, you will be. My work lies in my ability to read energy and to see energetic patterns specifically relating to core wounds and traumas that are hindering your highest potential. I do see past lives and will share if I feel this is of service to your highest.

Healing is happening constantly, and most often in forms that look completely unlike what we consider to be “healing.” 

On a cellular level you’re constantly transmuting, purifying, purging and cleansing and this is where I tend to work – in the energetic space which can’t be physically “seen”.

Healing however is up to you, the client. You must be an active participant in changing their potential and free will to create something new by shifting their perspectives, which of course starts with implementing a new focus, new practices, and rewriting a new mindset and then that is what manifests in their future physical world as their new desired reality. 

You were drawn to me for a reason, whether that reason is known or unknown, so even just in our energetic exchange healing work is taking place. In just one session because we can only get through so much in a short amount of time, but you also have yet to see what these subtle shifts or clarity from our working together can shift and awaken for your future self and gift you with. That is why I have curated peace, flow and ease in my bespoke programs.  

The way I work is that I help show you patterns that aren’t benefiting you and bring to light what internally is continuing to create connections and experiences outside of you that are not what you desire, and then give you the tools to then heal them yourself and things to be conscious of in your future. 

Magick. Love. Alchemy. Divinity. Shadow Work. A Rebellion. Mysticism. Safety. Sacredness. Connection. Ease. To be seen, help and felt.  Honoured. A nonjudgemental space. Alignment. Collaboration.

You will go deeper than you’ve ever gone before.

To fully merge with your Godself.

To access the hidden realms…

The hidden words…

The hidden messages…

… that await you. 

This is not like any other space you’ll find yourself in or you’ve ever experienced.

Your devotion will come first.

You will lead from God within you. 

Your relationship with the divine will transform.

Your relationship with your business will transform.

Your relationship with wealth will transform.

You will transcend beyond what you currently know.

You will transcend beyond the human limitations that hold you back.

You’ll lead from illogical ways and make them your reality. 

Words can’t begin to define all that this Ascension.Devotion.Frequency Shifting.

You will feel this one in your soul, and you’ll just know – this is where you are meant to be.

The resonance will run deep.