Work With Me

Healing is deciding YOU deserve better and once you have that awareness, you can no longer run from it. 

I’ve helped 100’s of Soul clients decide that they are worthy and if your heart and soul have led you here… It must be our time to work together.

My gift is being able to see the underlying patterns, core belief systems, lineage patterns, wounds, traumas, discordance, and imbalance that hinder your highest potential.  I help you transform fear and self-doubt by setting a new foundation for all of your life that is rooted in radical truth and peace.

But you have to be ready and not tip toe around the hard stuff.
If you’re really ready to evolve with clear boundaries, clarity and an open heart willing to receive.

Let me guide you and support you with ways that you can rewrite your story by re-framing your focus. I will help reflect your own power back to you.

Because you are so strong in your capabilities, your awareness and belief in yourself need to catch up!

Anyone who has known me for 5 minutes knows that I go deep straight away, full-length mirrors and all – leaving no stone unturned.

None of my offerings are for the faint-hearted…. Are you ready?

Uncaged – Sacred Life Accelerator

You Must Have

  1. Beginners Mindset
  2. Open Heart
  3. Willingness to be Heard, Seen & Held

You will get my unconditional support and guidance throughout your journey. This is your Radical awakening, remembrance and embodiment. This is not for the faint-hearted. 


  • You & Me Deep Diving
  • 2 Private Sessions per Month
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Resources & Exercises
  • Spirit Bonsuses

A Private Mentorship that follows no curriculum; join me on a sacred journey of deep discovery.

(minimum of three months with six and nine-month options available)

Some of what we uncover will be inner alchemy, remembering the truth of who you are and enriching your energetic relationship with the many avenues of your life, identifying the rooted fear to allow for liberation. 

Mentorship is a dance between you and me that covers all ranges of business, mothering, relationships, history, the mystical and all of your glorious complexities. 

Designed specifically for those that are ready to honour their limitations, this intimate container is luxe, bespoke, private, immersive, and expansive by nature. 

This is a space to experience the healing that you didn’t know you needed, this is where you’ll give yourself permission to be held, heard and seen. 

As I only take on a few clients at any given time, entry into this Private Mentorship will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  

A lot will happen on this journey so I want to ensure you’re anchored well into the truth of who that is, moving forward. 

We go free-range, roaming around the inner dimensions of your being to alchemize the gold living in there and shaping it into tangible and clear expression to deepen your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Sacred Sensuality

Train in the mysteries of sensuality and the evocative power of the sacred courtesan. Have fun, and connection, in an uplifting community where we explore edgy topics safely and openly. 

Discover the inherent magic that resides in living life where pleasure is considered very sacred and activate untapped beauty within, through simple, yet effective practices.

The Hidden Secrets Of Pleasure: 5-week Immersive Challenge.

In this journey together, Lisa invites and supports women to explore more fully their own cultivation of pleasure for the purpose of vitality, joy, wellbeing, and magnetic influence.

Understand how embodied magnetism actually works and watch the conscience of beauty in action, transform the shadow of seduction into a sacred offering of inspiration that ignites change and creativity.

This challenge will guide you to embrace the power of connection, alchemizing competitive and comparison behaviours into ones that connect, uplift and celebrate others. This is an opportunity to experience the power of opening your heart and self-generating bliss and pleasure, and discover how pleasure is a sacred offering.

By the end of the five weeks, you will have been so fully immersed in pleasure, your wisdom so expanded, that you will be a magnet to all you desire.

This immersion is for you if you are ready to; Exude Confidence, Sensuality, Beauty, and a  Mastery of Feminine Magnetism.


Pillars of Content

  1. Understanding Our True Desires & Transforming Hijacked Desires
  2. Beauty Of Our Gift
  3. Embodiment Of Integrated Pleasure
  4. Sexual Sovereignty
  5. Reclamation Of Our Power
  6. Transforming Our Over-Mothering/People Pleaser

Inclusions & Elements;

  • 5 x Weekly Calls
  • Pleasure Flows
  • Sensual Meditations
  • Sound Bath
  • Private Playlist

Soul Shaker

Soul Shaker Pillars

  1. Self Realization
  2. Generational Linerage
  3. Boundaries
  4. Receiving

We will explore the challenges, blocks and limitations holding you back from accessing your own inner wisdom. While exploring all areas of your life to help move stuck and stagnant energies back into flow and abundance.


  • 6 x Private 1:1 Session
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Group Space
  • Resources & Exercises
  • Bonuses

Would you like to delve into your inner spirit and shake up your soul with me for six months?

Are you ready to shine? Are you ready to be seen? Are you ready to receive? Are you ready to invest in yourself… energetically and financially?

Are you ready to be heard? Are you ready to set boundaries where you give yourself permission to rise?

I will be your guide as we navigate your soul and you uncover your core truths. I will be reminding you of your why, and most importantly, your purpose. We will uncover and transform fears that are holding you back while honouring your gifts and connecting to guidance that is within you.

Although you’ll receive weekly modules to help you, I will customize our sessions together so that you experience what you will need to emerge from your comfortable, yet chaotic, cocoon.

Comfort and Sacredness will be at the centre as you dig through insecurities replacing them with ease and compassion. We will be uncovering your strengths and weaknesses, healing, restoring and aligning you with your core strengths.

You are worthy.  You are whole.  You are love.  


Whatever you want to achieve in your life, love, wellness, business, confidence, soul purpose, or all of the above, I’m here to be your wing-woman. Together we’ll develop a customized plan to determine where you want to go and get you there gracefully, and I’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Private Session

Share with me what’s present in your current reality, and let me show you what energy patterns are hindering your highest potential and holding you back.

I can give YOU ways to help rewrite your reality by re-framing your focus and sharing with you self-empowerment tools and greater understanding as to why you are the way you are or why your life has been the way it’s been for you thus far. 


Join a community of Souls leading themselves with love and purpose. This is a safe place where you uncage yourself and create change through self-awareness and service.

Join us for monthly ceremonies, rituals, masterclasses and more. Everyone in this community is here to reclaim their sovereignty. They are here to heal, remember, and create a life that feels sacredly grounded and aligned.

Fire Starter Business Session

Does your passion project need some fire? If you’re looking for a single zap or some serious inferno-style heat, this one-off business session is for you.

For the business souls who are feeling lost and desiring a creative brainstorming, clarity, and soul-shaking session where we will celebrate the shit of your business. This session will help you draw out more of YOUR essence.

Lovely Words